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MoÐer was created to be a wall piece as well as a garment. It lies flat in 360 degrees, 3,14 diameters in size and sits on the body as cape. It can be adapted to the individual and be worn in diverse ways, depending on how the individual wants to be seen.


I found my inspiration of MoÐer in the memories of following a map in the first pages of adventure books as a child. Where worlds were created and I was invited to experience a whole new reality. I was fascinated to see where the characters were going and how they moved through the map, it was never an easy path but they always found their way.

MoÐer is in that sense a map of my own, where each technique represents difference in landscape as mountains, fields of flowers, rivers and the deep sea. It is created only with natural fibres: Icelandic wool, British lambswool, merino wool, mohair and silk - all material I have been given or collected throughout the years.

MoÐer is the world my work lives within. 

Model: Zoe Vala Sands




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